Havas People

Havas People

We are Havas People. We make a meaningful difference to brands. 

The makers of Meaningful Brands. That’s us. We’re in the business of talent comms and education marketing. In a nutshell, we’re the people people. We pair the right employers or universities with the right talent and students. We create materials, tools and experiences that inspire. And use our creative juices to build out campaigns with real punch. 

Our expertise offers us the potential to give back to global communities. Across both work and study, we find that brand niche. And we bring it to life in a way that engages, attracts, connects, retains and empowers. From Client Services to Creative, Media to Social, we do right by our clients – and ourselves. But we don’t take ourselves too seriously either. We’re a collaborative bunch too. Through the wins and the challenges, in it together. We’ll have your back. And offer an incredible experience. Ready? 

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