Our Story


After noticing the lack of support for in-house recruiters, Founder Emma Mirrington starts the Linkedin Group 'The Forum for In-House Recruiters'.


After the explosive success of our LinkedIn Group, we decided to take the discussion offline, with The Firm running its first in-person event.


With a vibrant community building online, the decision was made to set up The Firm as a Limited company.


The Firm launches it’s first annual membership survey, offering high-level strategic insight across the industry.


The Firm Awards are launched to celebrate and recognise the very best of in-house recruitment.


Emma leaves Mars to focus on The Firm full time.


Training and Consultancy services launched that help you dial up your TA capabilities, led by Talent professionals, for Talent professionals.


After a decade of resounding success, The Firm Awards celebrated its 10th anniversary.


Due to rapidly evolving market conditions and diversifying needs, it was clear that an integrated approach was needed to join the dots between Talent Acquisition, Development and Management. That's where The Talent Labs comes in, providing a safe space for talent professionals to learn, grow and experiment.


The Talent Labs is on a mission to help organisations across the globe unlock their ability to recruit and retain talent. Spanning the entire talent spectrum, our goal is to further expand our international footprint, connecting talent teams and setting the standards for the talent industry.

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