Built with advanced behavioural science and the ethical application of AI, AssessFirst help organisations grow faster. If you’re looking to develop a diverse pipeline of quality candidates and you want to evaluate the natural talents of your people to push performance, look no further. At The Talent Labs, we use their assessments ourselves and can tell you from experience that they are incredibly accurate!


  • Our recruitment managers love it. It basically means from a recruitment manager’s point of view that they’ve got the confidence to hand over a quality candidate to the operations manager and they’ve got more confidence to make a hiring decision. I would definitely recommend AssessFirst to the hospitality industry.

    Punch Pubs
  • By introducing AssessFirst we’ve been able to give new opportunities to new and existing members of SO energy to really unlock their potential. The user experience delivered on AssessFirst was second-to-none in comparison [to different providers on the market] - it was engaging, insightful and simple to use.

    SO Energy
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