Revolutionising Succession Planning

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Revolutionising Succession Planning

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    18 September 2024

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    12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


Do you want to learn how to make succession planning a pivotal part of your strategic HR toolkit?

Dr Ines Wichert has over 20 years of experience working with more than 100 organisations and during this masterclass will explore how succession planning can transition from a traditionally exclusive process, often tangled in a complex 9-box grid and reserved for top-tier teams, to an inclusive and dynamic approach.

We will spotlight a lighter, yet robust method that emphasises development and fosters genuine career advancement conversations.

Discover how Talupp has revolutionised this area for its clients, moving towards a more flexible and inclusive talent framework that effectively replaces the conventional 9-box grid.

Ines Wichert will provide valuable insights from her extensive experience, offering practical strategies and fresh perspectives that are essential for HR professionals and organisational leaders aiming to nurture and retain top talent in today’s fast-evolving workplace.

Don’t miss this opportunity to reshape your organisation’s approach to talent development and succession planning.

Meet your speaker…

Dr Ines Wichert
Managing Director, Talupp

Ines specialises in talent development through innovative solutions and technologies. With a PhD in organisational psychology from the University of Cambridge and extensive experience in HR consulting, she has collaborated with nearly 100 organisations globally. At IBM, she led the Women in Leadership Research hub and the Diversity & Inclusion Centre of Excellence. Ines has authored significant works on leadership, including “Accelerated Leadership Development.

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